The London Massed Bugle Band is run by a team of experienced Boys' Brigade and Girls' Brigade leaders, who have played in marching bands for many years. We are also assisted at our events by a number of other staff.

Band Secretary

Carolyn Eyles
2nd Uxbridge Girls' Brigade & 2nd Uxbridge Boys' Brigade

Adjutant and Band Committee Chairman

Alan Pannell
1st Hillingdon Boys' Brigade and Girls' Association

Band Chaplain

Rev Martin Legg
1st Enfield Boys' Brigade and Amicus


Calvin Hanks
2nd High Wycombe Boys' Brigade and Girls' Association

Head of Drum Majors

Currently vacant

Head of Bugles

Mark Myhan
4th Ealing Boys' Brigade

Head of Drums

Jo Poynter
1st Minster Girls' Brigade

Head of Bell Lyres

Currently vacant

Assistant Head of Bugles and Webmaster

Tom Boorman
3rd Enfield Boys' Brigade

Upcoming events

Lord Mayor's Show
(Saturday 10th November 2018, City of London)

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